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Poland is a country, which has built death camps for Jews.Killing of the Jews were taken by German soldiers. But the Germans did not know who was a Jew and who was not Jew. Jews were hiding because nobody wants to die.The Poles showed for the Germans where the Jews were hiding. And so was killed a few millions of Polish Jews.Poles helped the Germans. It’s a shame to be born in Poland and to be a Pole. I was born here for a reason. I have tasks to do important for Europe and the world. It’s a shame that the Poles occupy high positions in the EU. Do you are mad. Germany also controls the EU. It’s all sick. EU will fall soon. Poland will be cleaned as the first region in Europe and Russia. I am ashamed that I am a Pole and speaking often that I am an Englishman. Americans are right! Poles areguilty! They do not like me, in Poland. They took away everything from me what I had. They put me even for a short period of time in jail, where I was beaten every day. Worse than in any wild country. But this country is wild and ready to clean. We are not going to kill. We will send sick people, outside the center of Europe, to Siberia, for treatment. The German troops, knights of the cross and the sword will find sick people. Poland will not be. It will be the center of Europe. Holy Land. Here will be the new religion and a new holy father. In Israel, the crucifixion of Jesus and here killed millions of innocent Jews.

 In Warsaw, we will build a tower based on the foundation of the Star of David.
 Only then God will open for us all the gates to paradise and to other planets.

Taking into account the activities of the society in Poland, related to the job and getting money, we can identify three main social groups. The first group are those who do not want to work.It is the highest and most important group. This group is characteristic for Poland and creates the image of Poland, which goes to the whole world. To this group we can include first of all the president, the people of parliament and government.These people obtained their positions by begging, begging for election to the post. At the same time they knew very well that nothing in that position they will do. They will take only money. The beggar on the street pretends blind man, or shows on the label, he has a sick child or something like that. In this way you can sometimes get a lot of money. They are all beggars but the biggest beggar must be president. After all, he represents the country of beggars. At the moment, trying to scrounge from the Americans NATO base. But what this is all about. Here the point is not to defend themselves porzed Russians. Polish Russians never attack. It’s all about money for food for the herd of dogs called Poland. The dog wants to belong to someone and in this way to have food. Polish beggars want to belong to those who give them food. Here it is not about to defend Poland against the Russians. The Russians will never attack Poland. It’s all about money for food for the herd of dogs called Poland. The dog wants to belong to someone and in this way to have food. Polish beggars want to belong to those who give them food. To that group belong also the owners of companies that seek contracts (food).Here owners need a well-cheat those who distribute the contracts and sometimes give them some money (corruption). Next group are those which can not be beggars. They need to get some food in a different way. These are slaves. They are used by business owners to work. In Poland often they work ten or more hours. It is not enough for them to buy an apartment. It is sufficient for them to eat and to drink alcohol in their free time. At this time they forget that they are white slaves in the European jungle. White man in an environment completely for themselves strangers in the jungle. The slaves thrown out of work turn up after some time in rats that in garbage on the streets are looking for metal cans, food or other garbage, which they sell on Sunday bazaars.I have seen a lot of it in Warsaw. I am currently again in Poland, in Wroclaw and I can see it also here. Poles expelled and earlier sold Jews for German executioners but it did not give Poland happiness. The system, which is at the moment it is the system for animals from jungle, it is hell. But I will transform this place into Paradise on the Earth, the Holy Land. I have to do it together with the Jews. They were to this chosen. When they understand this, we will start KERKG. It is a pity that they forget about those who died here in Auschwitz and other death camps.

The shape of Poland is indeed very similar to the heart of the man. 

Here we will begin the changes in the Europe and in the World. When the heart starts to act, then the animals will be transform into in humans. People are working in Poland ten or more hours, but it does not help. The development is very slow. In fact, people sit at work many hours and they work only a few hours. There is a lack of organization of work. Their salary is not enough to live a normal life. Young people in Poland therefore can not buy their own homes. If homes are built with brick or concrete cast on site it is hardly surprising that they are expensive. We must build the factory ready-made elements and then we will build very quickly. Houses will be made with these elements as LEGO. Quickly. A small company will not do it, because she is building only one house. 
We need a very big company. We will have such a company. We can call it the company of God. We can apply the best technologies known and not yet known in the world. We will take over the whole production. We’ll build a giant factories. We will build the roads of transportation on the ground, under the earth, on the water under the water and in the air and the outside Earth. We will connect Europe with the countries of the former Soviet Union. We will also build factories outside the Center of Europe. There will be no Poland! It will be The Heart of Europe. In the Hart of Europe, will be the Control Center, which will do projects and will guide everything. Not only factories but schools, hospitals, religious objects and so on. All will have the same very high standard, the world’s highest standard. At the same time we will go to the new system. Will be only one company. Company of God. We will purify the land and transform the jungle into the Garden of God – Paradise. We will transform animals into humans beings, who will enjoy their life on the Earth. Jesus felt that something needs to be done. He did not like bazaars, trade and money. He felt that this is an evil that turns people into disgusting animals. But he could not explain it. We must start from the heart.  Otherwise Europe and the world will die. At the moment, the Heart of Europe is dead like. Similar to Jesus in the tomb, after removing from the cross. But this Heart will start to live. Just like it was with Jesus.

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