In Poland, communism has been transfigured to even more abominable structure. Environment of wild beasts. Jungle – a system of struggle for survival, well-known in Africa. The jungle transforms human beings, newly born children, in wild animals. For this purpose is adapted all science, all universities. Also religious schools. Jungle, produces sick animals called people and various infectious diseases. Sick animals produce, for example sick architecture.They create sick solutions in the cities and beyond. Everything is made in the image and likeness of the jungle. A characteristic feature is crowding everything on a small area. It is cramped and dark like in the hell, African jungle. There is no space, you can not breathe, you can not feel free. You do not feel safe among sick animals. The jungle in Poland has produced huge number of homeless people who like rats seek in trashcans and transmit diseases. Polish dogs defend his own territory. You must speak Polish, be the churchgoer, have a Polish name, and so on. For Jews in here has never been a place. If there was no Poland, Jews could live here peacefully. The last Polish king handed over the place to neighboring countries. In this way, he created the beginning of the center of Europe. It were here many millions of Jews.
We will create here the center of Europe. At the same time it will be a new Holy Land following the death of millions of Jews from Europe in the camps of death.
This will be the true center of the world in which they will live all those the best who will do for the world something very important. Those who will be weaker in this competition, will live further away from the center of Europe. It will be so because the center of Europe will be a place where everything will be at the highest level and will be expensive. It will be a safe place. Here will be the Control Centre of Europe and then of the World.There will be no Poland and there will be no dogs principles of life, in this area. It will be a real freedom. An entirely new architecture. The spaces filled with greenery, water and air. You will be able to breathe and live. This will be the Garden of God – Paradise. I’ve done a few sketches but will present it at another time. The distinctive feature of this my architecture is a huge amount of greenery placed on the floors with apartments. There will be no money. There will be assessment units for actions taken for the development of the world, and these will give the opportunity of use different things, housing, planes and other as yet unknown inventions.