Works in Poland is an unlimited amount. There is also a huge number of unemployed. We have the government. We have the parliament and finally the president.They did not want to work. Simply just give job for contractor and we will have made a huge amount of new things. Then those things you have to sell, because there will be more than need in the area.You can sell it or exchange for something else, what you do not have. Those with power can not do anything.They are not able to control it. If you do not want to do anything, it is the only solution – to sell yourself as it does a prostitute. And soPolish whore sells herself to all those who have money.
Invites Americans to have sex for money – NATO bases in Poland. From the EU already more money, I think, they will not manage to pull out. I have to Americans and to Europe the request. Leave this whore on the street without food and then I will take it and make in this place the Center of Europe. There will be no companies wandering in search of contracts like herds of hungry dogs in search of food. Their contractors are not able to do anything fast, good and cheap. This can be seen on construction sites. Surely all this can be built using prefabricated elements and it will be what we will do in the future. But at a higher level than it is currently trying to do. Component will be arranged without glue. Within a few days, will stand building. The future of KERKG. Everyone will be working for the Control Center, which will represent one company, let’s call it the Company of God, because on Earth, is all owned by God. CK will manage everything. Everything will be taken over by CK. I will do from this place the richest in the world. Capital of the World. Holy Land. World Development Management Center. Poland will not be and nobody anymore will blame and persecute Jews, because what I will do, I will do with the help of Jews. Why this place? Because here have died so many Jews.