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I do not need war, to arrive at the position from which I will be able to start KERKG. However, I need help from the world. I will need in Poland to enter into position at least of the president. They themselves will not give that position for me. I need help almost of all countries. You need to isolate Poland. You have to use the blockade. Just as once they were besieged castles. Siege of fortress and forcing the hunger. So collapsed communism in Poland, and so we can introduce the new system in the world, starting at the Center of Europe. Ther is no other way. This must start at the moment, ASAP. My previous article showed that Poland is a place full of evil and hate. This place must be cleaned and transform into the Holy Land. You should not help Poland as it does the EU with Germany in the vanguard. Are you crazy. You forgot about all those Jews who were killed in the death camps. ausch_enterThey were your relatives. 

 They died for this purpose, so that I can enter my project. Jews are scattered around the world. This is not some coincidence. It did God, who has created this world. Jews are God’s chosen people to help me now. Do not forget about the death of your loved ones in Poland. Poland is disgusting trash hidden from the world. Here we will start KERKG. I am God Kalki, sent by God to do new order on Earth. I’m ready for the job. You have to help me take over these stinking fortress. You will make blockade and we will take them when they will be hungry. I already have all the necessary information.

A flock of hungry dogs may even bite you. In Moldova they throw them poisoned meat and so solve problems. This can be done differently. Anyway, something must be done. We will export everything sick from the center of Europe to Siberia. I hope to make a deal with Russia. There we will build treatment centers. Center will be clean and we will introduce a new system that will accept the whole world. The current system is outdated. A flock of wild animals gather together to get food. This herd is called the firm. It is the food of the contract. For all meat is not enough. Therefore, herd is fighting with others to get food. And so some herds die of hunger. It’s called bankruptcy of the company. Another way can be done. For example, to kill members of a rival herd. Who is the stronger is better. Poland was not there before, and many Jews settled in the area. But Pilsudski advantage of the weakness of different countries and founded Poland. Poland is simply a new flock of animals called Poles. These animals with the help of the Germans liquidated the Jews. It’s all sick. Pilsudski is a Polish national hero. God does not want Poland. The Russians killed some Polish soldiers but Kaczynski wanted to do with this big scandals. Kaczynski was killed with a hundred of people on the plane. Hand of God. This country has also outdated religion, which have to be changed in the KERKG.Polish pope did not do anything and therefore they have made him a saint after death. These are the Polish heroes. The center of Europe it will not be a jungle with animals seeking food. You will not need the herd. There will be not need herd under the name of Poland. Control Center will give food to anyone. All they will have work, and this work will be carefully evaluated. Depending on the height of the assessment of a person will be able to get the aircraft, spacecraft or other new, as yet unknown things. In this way, wewill accelerate development of the world pure.This is a brief explanation of what will be. In this way, we will transform the jungle in the Garden of God. It’s probably enough for now.

Prostitute this is something that had lost all feeling. Prostitute may sell everyone. That is why they often work with police and other services. Poland is the feminine kind in Polish language. Polish coat of arms – it is eagle presented as a prostitute with seeded legs ready to have sex with anyone who give her money.  Polish flag. Dress of prostitute with blood stain. Whose blood is it? It is the blood of Jews transferred to executioners, Jews shot and killed in death camps. In Israel it was crucified one Jew – Jesus, and in Poland were killed millions of innocent. I want to do in this place the Center of Europe, the Holy Land. We must first purify the place. We will introduce a new religion and a new system that will transform animals into humans.If the Jews, the Americans and Europe will give money for this prostitute, I will do anything. You need to isolate prostitute. When she will be hungry, then I will enter and do my project. I do not understand why Americans want to do the NATO bases and pay the money for Poland. Do not make me laugh. Russia will never attack you. Areas in Russia will be used to purify the Center of Europe and then the other regions. Jews should help me and not the prostitute who sold their relatives to their executioners.

The highlight of the religious rites in Poland is eating the body and drinking the blood. Ritual moved from Africa? Jewish child says the prayer of Jesus, and it saves him from death during the Second World War in Poland. Some Jews in Poland have changed their Jewish names on the Polish and it protects them from persecution. But it does not protect them because the Poles have different lists of Jews who changed their names and relevant information is transmitted to where they need. A friend of mine from high school had to get married, to change the name, because she could not normally live in Warsaw. My neighbor, a young Jewish girl, she took baptism in the Catholic Church to have peace in Warsaw. In 1968, the mass banishment of Jews from Poland. The era of Jesus Christ will soon be over. It will end in this way religion of animals from which Jesus wanted to make peaceful slaves, sheep. Jesus did not have any project. He wanted to be an actor, someone respected, loved, king. Every actor, singer (like Presley) and other similar, he wants to be king. After all the sheep are not people. They do not would work and the world would stop, and maybe would go back in development. Or maybe all the people would die of hunger. The jungle loves this religion. The Bible is The Jungle Book. The Bible tells about the future. Antichrist will rule. For the animals Antichrist is someone who will present the story of Jesus differently. Jesus had not died on the cross. After three days he came out of the grave. He showed himself to his apostles, he still wanted to be the best actor. Around him were only enemies, and frightened animals. Jesus finally realized that he will no more play for this audience. Jesus went away. Who knows where? I will be the Antichrist for animals, who wrote The Jungle Book.


Animals confined in cages look sympathetically. But when they run away from the cages then they can attack everyone. Take a look at the architecture of cities in Poland, and people confined in cages. They are dangerous. They are nervous. They are not satisfied with their lives. They have grievances. Who is to blame, that not only have to work like slaves to have something to eat, but must then go back to their cages. Prison and slave labor.Supporters of the existing system say the Poles got freedom. Do not make me laugh. Freedom is quite something else. If you are a dog that does not want to be free, so it is OK for you.Human dogs, buys for themselves dogs and reside with them in their cages. These human dogs bark and attack. Especially these dogs hate Jews. According to them Jews are to blame for everything, because the Jews are in the governing bodies and control the development of the world. It is very easy to use this hatred of the Jews. It is what precisely did the communists in Warsaw in 1968. One must it all to stop. Jews must help me change the world. We’ll start in the center of Europe and it will be done with the Star of David in the foundation. What we will do survive forever. This is what God wants from you, and those killed Jews in Poland. I will be your God, your king David. 
Alone I will not do it. I must have the support of the whole world. That’s why you are all over the world, just to help me now, to do KERKG and then to change jungle animal system throughout the world.

In Poland, communism has been transfigured to even more abominable structure. Environment of wild beasts. Jungle – a system of struggle for survival, well-known in Africa. The jungle transforms human beings, newly born children, in wild animals. For this purpose is adapted all science, all universities. Also religious schools. Jungle, produces sick animals called people and various infectious diseases. Sick animals produce, for example sick architecture.They create sick solutions in the cities and beyond. Everything is made in the image and likeness of the jungle. A characteristic feature is crowding everything on a small area. It is cramped and dark like in the hell, African jungle. There is no space, you can not breathe, you can not feel free. You do not feel safe among sick animals. The jungle in Poland has produced huge number of homeless people who like rats seek in trashcans and transmit diseases. Polish dogs defend his own territory. You must speak Polish, be the churchgoer, have a Polish name, and so on. For Jews in here has never been a place. If there was no Poland, Jews could live here peacefully. The last Polish king handed over the place to neighboring countries. In this way, he created the beginning of the center of Europe. It were here many millions of Jews.
We will create here the center of Europe. At the same time it will be a new Holy Land following the death of millions of Jews from Europe in the camps of death.
This will be the true center of the world in which they will live all those the best who will do for the world something very important. Those who will be weaker in this competition, will live further away from the center of Europe. It will be so because the center of Europe will be a place where everything will be at the highest level and will be expensive. It will be a safe place. Here will be the Control Centre of Europe and then of the World.There will be no Poland and there will be no dogs principles of life, in this area. It will be a real freedom. An entirely new architecture. The spaces filled with greenery, water and air. You will be able to breathe and live. This will be the Garden of God – Paradise. I’ve done a few sketches but will present it at another time. The distinctive feature of this my architecture is a huge amount of greenery placed on the floors with apartments. There will be no money. There will be assessment units for actions taken for the development of the world, and these will give the opportunity of use different things, housing, planes and other as yet unknown inventions.

Works in Poland is an unlimited amount. There is also a huge number of unemployed. We have the government. We have the parliament and finally the president.They did not want to work. Simply just give job for contractor and we will have made a huge amount of new things. Then those things you have to sell, because there will be more than need in the area.You can sell it or exchange for something else, what you do not have. Those with power can not do anything.They are not able to control it. If you do not want to do anything, it is the only solution – to sell yourself as it does a prostitute. And soPolish whore sells herself to all those who have money.
Invites Americans to have sex for money – NATO bases in Poland. From the EU already more money, I think, they will not manage to pull out. I have to Americans and to Europe the request. Leave this whore on the street without food and then I will take it and make in this place the Center of Europe. There will be no companies wandering in search of contracts like herds of hungry dogs in search of food. Their contractors are not able to do anything fast, good and cheap. This can be seen on construction sites. Surely all this can be built using prefabricated elements and it will be what we will do in the future. But at a higher level than it is currently trying to do. Component will be arranged without glue. Within a few days, will stand building. The future of KERKG. Everyone will be working for the Control Center, which will represent one company, let’s call it the Company of God, because on Earth, is all owned by God. CK will manage everything. Everything will be taken over by CK. I will do from this place the richest in the world. Capital of the World. Holy Land. World Development Management Center. Poland will not be and nobody anymore will blame and persecute Jews, because what I will do, I will do with the help of Jews. Why this place? Because here have died so many Jews.

Taking into account the activities of the society in Poland, related to the job and getting money, we can identify three main social groups. The first group are those who do not want to work.It is the highest and most important group. This group is characteristic for Poland and creates the image of Poland, which goes to the whole world. To this group we can include first of all the president, the people of parliament and government.These people obtained their positions by begging, begging for election to the post. At the same time they knew very well that nothing in that position they will do. They will take only money. The beggar on the street pretends blind man, or shows on the label, he has a sick child or something like that. In this way you can sometimes get a lot of money. They are all beggars but the biggest beggar must be president. After all, he represents the country of beggars. At the moment, trying to scrounge from the Americans NATO base. But what this is all about. Here the point is not to defend themselves porzed Russians. Polish Russians never attack. It’s all about money for food for the herd of dogs called Poland. The dog wants to belong to someone and in this way to have food. Polish beggars want to belong to those who give them food. Here it is not about to defend Poland against the Russians. The Russians will never attack Poland. It’s all about money for food for the herd of dogs called Poland. The dog wants to belong to someone and in this way to have food. Polish beggars want to belong to those who give them food. To that group belong also the owners of companies that seek contracts (food).Here owners need a well-cheat those who distribute the contracts and sometimes give them some money (corruption). Next group are those which can not be beggars. They need to get some food in a different way. These are slaves. They are used by business owners to work. In Poland often they work ten or more hours. It is not enough for them to buy an apartment. It is sufficient for them to eat and to drink alcohol in their free time. At this time they forget that they are white slaves in the European jungle. White man in an environment completely for themselves strangers in the jungle. The slaves thrown out of work turn up after some time in rats that in garbage on the streets are looking for metal cans, food or other garbage, which they sell on Sunday bazaars.I have seen a lot of it in Warsaw. I am currently again in Poland, in Wroclaw and I can see it also here. Poles expelled and earlier sold Jews for German executioners but it did not give Poland happiness. The system, which is at the moment it is the system for animals from jungle, it is hell. But I will transform this place into Paradise on the Earth, the Holy Land. I have to do it together with the Jews. They were to this chosen. When they understand this, we will start KERKG. It is a pity that they forget about those who died here in Auschwitz and other death camps.

The shape of Poland is indeed very similar to the heart of the man. 

Here we will begin the changes in the Europe and in the World. When the heart starts to act, then the animals will be transform into in humans. People are working in Poland ten or more hours, but it does not help. The development is very slow. In fact, people sit at work many hours and they work only a few hours. There is a lack of organization of work. Their salary is not enough to live a normal life. Young people in Poland therefore can not buy their own homes. If homes are built with brick or concrete cast on site it is hardly surprising that they are expensive. We must build the factory ready-made elements and then we will build very quickly. Houses will be made with these elements as LEGO. Quickly. A small company will not do it, because she is building only one house. 
We need a very big company. We will have such a company. We can call it the company of God. We can apply the best technologies known and not yet known in the world. We will take over the whole production. We’ll build a giant factories. We will build the roads of transportation on the ground, under the earth, on the water under the water and in the air and the outside Earth. We will connect Europe with the countries of the former Soviet Union. We will also build factories outside the Center of Europe. There will be no Poland! It will be The Heart of Europe. In the Hart of Europe, will be the Control Center, which will do projects and will guide everything. Not only factories but schools, hospitals, religious objects and so on. All will have the same very high standard, the world’s highest standard. At the same time we will go to the new system. Will be only one company. Company of God. We will purify the land and transform the jungle into the Garden of God – Paradise. We will transform animals into humans beings, who will enjoy their life on the Earth. Jesus felt that something needs to be done. He did not like bazaars, trade and money. He felt that this is an evil that turns people into disgusting animals. But he could not explain it. We must start from the heart.  Otherwise Europe and the world will die. At the moment, the Heart of Europe is dead like. Similar to Jesus in the tomb, after removing from the cross. But this Heart will start to live. Just like it was with Jesus.

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