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I do not need war, to arrive at the position from which I will be able to start KERKG. However, I need help from the world. I will need in Poland to enter into position at least of the president. They themselves will not give that position for me. I need help almost of all countries. You need to isolate Poland. You have to use the blockade. Just as once they were besieged castles. Siege of fortress and forcing the hunger. So collapsed communism in Poland, and so we can introduce the new system in the world, starting at the Center of Europe. Ther is no other way. This must start at the moment, ASAP. My previous article showed that Poland is a place full of evil and hate. This place must be cleaned and transform into the Holy Land. You should not help Poland as it does the EU with Germany in the vanguard. Are you crazy. You forgot about all those Jews who were killed in the death camps. ausch_enterThey were your relatives. 

 They died for this purpose, so that I can enter my project. Jews are scattered around the world. This is not some coincidence. It did God, who has created this world. Jews are God’s chosen people to help me now. Do not forget about the death of your loved ones in Poland. Poland is disgusting trash hidden from the world. Here we will start KERKG. I am God Kalki, sent by God to do new order on Earth. I’m ready for the job. You have to help me take over these stinking fortress. You will make blockade and we will take them when they will be hungry. I already have all the necessary information.

The shape of Poland is indeed very similar to the heart of the man. 

Here we will begin the changes in the Europe and in the World. When the heart starts to act, then the animals will be transform into in humans. People are working in Poland ten or more hours, but it does not help. The development is very slow. In fact, people sit at work many hours and they work only a few hours. There is a lack of organization of work. Their salary is not enough to live a normal life. Young people in Poland therefore can not buy their own homes. If homes are built with brick or concrete cast on site it is hardly surprising that they are expensive. We must build the factory ready-made elements and then we will build very quickly. Houses will be made with these elements as LEGO. Quickly. A small company will not do it, because she is building only one house. 
We need a very big company. We will have such a company. We can call it the company of God. We can apply the best technologies known and not yet known in the world. We will take over the whole production. We’ll build a giant factories. We will build the roads of transportation on the ground, under the earth, on the water under the water and in the air and the outside Earth. We will connect Europe with the countries of the former Soviet Union. We will also build factories outside the Center of Europe. There will be no Poland! It will be The Heart of Europe. In the Hart of Europe, will be the Control Center, which will do projects and will guide everything. Not only factories but schools, hospitals, religious objects and so on. All will have the same very high standard, the world’s highest standard. At the same time we will go to the new system. Will be only one company. Company of God. We will purify the land and transform the jungle into the Garden of God – Paradise. We will transform animals into humans beings, who will enjoy their life on the Earth. Jesus felt that something needs to be done. He did not like bazaars, trade and money. He felt that this is an evil that turns people into disgusting animals. But he could not explain it. We must start from the heart.  Otherwise Europe and the world will die. At the moment, the Heart of Europe is dead like. Similar to Jesus in the tomb, after removing from the cross. But this Heart will start to live. Just like it was with Jesus.

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